Kwame Brathwaite has been considered the ever-present documentary photographer of the Black Arts & Culture movement, the "Keeper of the Images".  While earning a living as a fashion, commercial and entertainment photographer, his primary interest has been the recording of the history of the African Diaspora both politically and culturally.  He started as a jazz photographer after helping to form the African Jazz Art Society and Studios ("AJASS"), along with his brother the late activist Elombe Brath, and other young like-minded artists in 1956.  AJASS combined art, music, fashion, poetry, theatre and political activism into what became the beginning of the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s.  In 1961, AJASS created the Grandassa Models and popularized the phrase "Black Is Beautiful".  During his tenure as the official photographer for the Apollo, Kwame captured iconic images of entertainers such as James Brown and Stevie Wonder.  He also photographed numerous historically and culturally significant events, such as the Rumble in the Jungle and The Jackson Five’s trip to Africa in 1974.  Among Kwame’s most treasured images are his coverage of the funeral of his namesake, Kwame Nkrumah, the independence of Namibia and the Inauguration of Nelson Mandela.